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Hi. We're Josh & Megan Eisen, founders of Tablet Couture in Providence, RI.


Josh & Megan Eisen


Once our kids were old enough to appreciate and remember it, we started taking them on multi-week road trips to memorable destinations like the Grand Canyon, Arches & Monument Valley; New Orleans, Memphis & Asheville; Glacier, Yellowstone & Jasper. We took thousands of photos and videos...


Behind the Scenes



Kids in Monument Valley


…and wanted to put them all onto digital frames as soon as we got home! We ♥love♥ everything about digital frames, except… they break, they are ugly, the screens are small, the plastic looks cheap and the hardware is quickly out of date. It’s difficult to load photos onto them and the few that can share are not particularly easy to use or compatible with other frames. We wanted so badly to embrace them, love them and sprinkle them throughout our home because all of our framed prints are a decade old or more. We knew there had to be a better way, so Tablet Couture was born.


That’s when we started thinking, maybe the best hardware for the job already exists and we just need to frame it! We knew we could never make a device better than the iPad. It’s got a stunningly bright and crisp Retina display, fast WiFi or cellular data, touch screen, advanced graphics, over the air updates, and an app store. Working with the oldest and largest custom frame shop in the country, we figured out how to create a frame to fit an iPad displayed portrait or landscape and plugged in and then we quickly applied for a patent. Finally we developed the coolest digital frame app, and voila, the world’s best digital frame was born.


Tablet Couture app


Now we are proud to offer Tablet Couture, the prettiest, most powerful and most connected digital frame solution anyone could imagine, starting at $99. It uses the iPad you already have, shares with the iPhone you already have, and is available in over 50 different museum-quality natural wood styles to suit your home or office décor. It takes advantage of the coolest new Apple technology, like Live Photos, detecting faces and slo-mo videos. Your friends and family can easily download the app and use it to instantly send photos and videos to your frames.


Life is a journey and Tablet Couture lets you display and share every step of it. We hope you enjoy displaying our frames as much as we have enjoyed inventing them.


Tablet Couture by Mountaincow
Tablet Couture by Mountaincow

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